The time is changing. “Human oriented design” is indispensable for our period. In order to catch this period and to provide life standards for the benefit of our people, we are in the middle of the great change. In other words, Istanbul has been created from the beginning; it attempts to find what it deserves like a shining diamond.

Concord Istanbul has been designed to be a part of most attracting piece of such alteration. The trip of Kadıköy to the new and beauty is starting with the Concord Istanbul.



Due to the fact that all is residence, in the first stage, Concord Istanbul that will be composed of 3 blocks, then 6 blocks afterwards presents different square meters. This special product where each detail has been considered in the Studio, 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 flats draws the attention thanks to its aspect that looks down upon.



Concord Istanbul that was specially designed by taking into the consideration of the baths, kitchens, built-in and ceramics adds very special elegance to your life through its perfect details. In the interior decoration where the most qualified materials, the most eminent trademarks and latest technology products have been used, everything is at the disposal for most comfortable life.

Concord Istanbul saves heating and electric expenditures in the economic level thanks to its smart building technology.



By considering the earthquake risk of Istanbul, the statistical projects of Concord Istanbul have been developed in accordance with Earthquake Specifications of California and European Union in addition to the legislations in Turkey. On the other hand, there will a conventional system that is the safe structure system for the earthquake in the blocks with regard to the underground tomography.

The building complex management in Concord Istanbul will be at your disposal 7/24 by its camera supported professional teams that will be fully equipped. The additional systems such as fire, natural gas alarms will make your life safe and sound. You will only enjoy your life in Concord Istanbul.